Thank you for signing up to the FormaHoof Academy!

This is your first step towards becoming a FormaHoof expert and FormaHoof certified Applicator (FCA). 

To make the most out of your online training we would like to give the following advice and guidelines:

  • The FormaHoof Academy is a progressive video-based training, split in three modules and supported by download documents for each module.
  • All modules will need to be completed before you can start your FCA assessment, which has both a theoretical and a practical part.
  • The theoretical part will have 45 multiple-choice questions, summarising the 3 modules. You will need to have 42 or more answers correct to pass the test and to move on to the practical part.
  • If, for any reason, you fail the theoretical test, you can repeat the test upon request. It is important to pay attention while watching the videos and to read through the download documents.
  • Download documents might provide additional or more detailed information to support certain sections.
  • The practical test involves a real FormaHoof application on a horse/case of your choice and will be assessed by FormaHoof Ltd accordingly. Guidelines are given once the theoretical test is completed.
  • Once the theoretical and practical part are passed and your FCA status is granted, you will receive the FCA welcome package and your certificate by e-mail.
  • The FormaHoof Academy provides guidance and guidelines on how to apply FormaHoof based on the experience of the instructor(s).
    However, we encourage every professional to find their own methods and techniques and treat every case as unique.

For any questions, concerns or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to

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