FormaHoof Academy Module 2: Tools & Trimming

FormaHood Academy Module 1: Introduction

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FCA Course Thank you for signing up to the FormaHoof Academy! This is your first step towards becoming a FormaHoof expert and FormaHoof certified Applicator (FCA).  To make the most out of your online training we would like to give the following advice and guidelines: The FormaHoof Academy is a progressive video-based training, split in three […]

The FormaHoof Application

Step 1 – Hoof Surface Preparation – Hoof wall preparation As you have learned in the Academy, the secret to a long-lasting application is good hoof preparation prior to the application. Please submit 1 image of the hoof prior to application and 1 image demonstrating the hoof wall preparation. Step 2 – Hoof Surface Preparation […]

FormaHoof Academy Practical Assessment

The FormaHoof practical assessment is the final part of your journey towards becoming an FCA (FormaHoof Certified Applicator). This document will act as an assessment guide to help you provide evidence of a final completed application, to earn your certification. Before you start: Ensure that you have received your FormaHoof products (minimum of a starter […]

FormaHoof Academy Assessment Questions

Upload Proof of Business

Certification to become a FormaHoof Certified Applicator can only be completed with a proof of professional business (farriers, vets, equine podiatrists). Please upload proof of business company certificate or educational certificate vet/farrier/trimmer.

The FormaHoof Application

This module will include the following topics: Medication within FormaHoof Avoiding bacterial growth Your tools recap Mesh and FormaHoof Flex Mesh Fitting mesh and mould Applying FormaHoof with Mesh Applying FormaHoof with Flex Mesh Adding a traditional shoe Mould care Removal process

Tools & Trimming

 This module will include the following topics: Getting started with FormaHoof Finding the right mould Tools for the perfect application Recommended third-party tools The perfect pre-application trim WLD pre-application trim Club foot pre-application trim Laminitis pre-application trim Biene’s Journey